Drive-in Systems

Available in all common sizes and carrying capacities for both blocks and pallets.

A drive-in system is an ideal way to store large numbers of pallets with the same products. The beam of a drive in system characterized by a very strong hooking into the yoke , and even to combine with extreme fast assembly . 50mm , This is the level layout easy to set up . The beam has a perfect pallet and conduction and is very sturdy .

Save space and money

Stacking and unloading of pallets happenes under the Last In First Out method also known as LIFO. With a width of 140 mm it is possible to build extremely high installations.

There are three sorts of drive-in systems

• Single-sided drive-in system
• Double-sided drive-in system
• Drive-through system

For more information about the possibilities for your storage system or our drive-in systems, please contact us.