Mezzanine Floors

If you want to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse, you can create more space by installing a mezzanine floor – also known as an entresol floor. These mezzanine floors can be installed just like other prefabricated floors between, under or above existing floors. Both the height and space of your warehouse can consequently be used as efficiently as possible.

Double the space in your warehouse

Our mezzanine floors are deliverable in various dimensions and designs and they can be installed precisely according to your wishes. In some cases this can result in the doubling of the usable space in your warehouse. Furthermore, the floor constructions are ideal for combining with dogleg stairs and straight-run stairs and other mezzanine floor requisites such as steel or wooden railings, hinged gates and sliding gates.

All our floors were made from materials that are manufactured by leading European manufacturers. Large purchases mean we can offer our mezzanine floors at extremely competitive prices, if not the lowest!


Begra Storage Solutions - More Information

Begra Storage Solutions - More Information